Click on the links below to view the current version of the approved local playing rules. They were approved in 2014.

Applying for a Manager position is a two-step process. First, you must register online during the registration process. You will be required to fill in the same information that was previously on the Supplemental Managers Application. Concussion training will also need to be completed.

All Managers are reviewed by the Vice President of Baseball and Softball and approved by the Arcadia Little League Board. Prior experience is not a prerequisite, especially for the lower divisions. We highly encourage new Managers and Coaches to get their start at the T-Ball and Farm division levels.

Managers: The Manager is the "Head Coach"and individual primarily responsible for the management of his/her team. Arcadia Little League recognizes that the adult volunteers who manage our baseball and softball teams are the backbone of the organization. Managers make a significant contribution of talent, time, and effort for the betterment of the Arcadia community. Arcadia Little League strives to maximize coaching effectiveness in order to create the best Little League experience for all participants. Managers accept primary responsibility for organizing the team and establishing a positive team environment.

The Arcadia Little League selection committee considers a number of factors when considering applications for Managers. Those factors include, but are not limited to, knowledge of rules, ability to teach skills, organization, leadership, motivation, personality, communication, discipline, ability to get along with others, dedication, evaluations, conduct, adherence to league philosophy, prior volunteer, and managing experience. Prior experience is not a pre-requisite, especially for those applying to manage lower lever divisions such as T-Ball, Farm and Junior Varsity (softball).

In order to be considered for a Manager position, a Manager must submit a Volunteer Application and a Supplemental Manager Application no later than January 20th for the upcoming Little League season. Each applicant will also be screened for criminal offenses. The forms for the Volunteer and Supplemental Manager Applications can be downloaded as identified just to the right of this section. After you have filled out your applications, attach a copy of your driver's license, and submit both the Volunteer and Supplemental Manager Application to your division Commissioner.

Coaches: A Coach is an assistant to the Manager. A Manager usually selects two Coaches to assist with the team. Managers are responsible for providing their division Commissioner with a completed Volunteer Application for all Coaches and parents who will assist (even if this is on an infrequent basis) at practices. For liability purposes, only the Manager and the two approved assistant Coaches may be on the playing field or in the dugout during games. That is not to say that others cannot assist the Manager during practices. However, anyone who assists the Manager must complete a current Volunteer Application Form and submit it to the Commissioner for that division.  

Managers please have your prospective Coaches fill out a Volunteer Application, attach a copy of his/her driver's license, and submit the form and license copy to the division Commissioner. These Volunteer Applications must be completed before March 1st for the upcoming Little League season. Each applicant will be screened for criminal offenses and submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration.

If you need to change a Coach during the season, notify your Commissioner and obtain a new Volunteer Application. It is the responsibility of each Manager to abide by this requirement, as the Arcadia Little League's insurance requires the Board of Directors to know who is in the dugouts and on the playing fields with our children.

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