If your son or daughter is interested in participating in All-Stars, please download and read carefully the commitment form.


Our Objectives:
1. Provide the best possible all-around youth baseball tournament experience for players within our League.
2. Create the most competitive teams made up of eligible players that have made a commitment to participate in the All Star Season.
3. Provide players with a high level of training and coaching in an intensely competitive environment to prepare the players for tournament competition. 
4. Select All Star coaches from regular season teams that have demonstrated the highest ability to maximize player potential in a challenging and nurturing manner.
5. Be open and honest about playing roles and playing time with parents of All Star players.
6. Train to Win. Win with Respect.  

All Star Ballots / Voting & Player Selection: 
All Star ballots are composed of players' names that have reached the minimum eligible playing requirements and have submitted an All Star Commitment Form that confirms the player's availability to compete for the entire summer. The players' names are placed on the ballot in random order and without any other information listed (i.e. age, regular season team, etc). Every player, manager and one coach, are allowed to vote for up to nine (9) players on the ballot. The votes are tallied by the VP of Baseball with equal weighting for each ballot submitted. The top six (6) vote getters for each team are automatic roster additions. The manager and coaches will then select the rest of the 12-14 player team based on individual skill, specific team need and anticipated need based on tournament style of play.
Players selected for Softball All star teams are determined by the Softball All Star Committee members from the pool of players that are eligible and have made a commitment to participate in the All Star Season. Selection criteria are based on regular season and post season performance.

Player and Family Commitments:  
Each player must be willing to commit himself/herself completely to the All-Star team and the schedule set forth by the Manager and tournament officials. The manager of each team, and his/her respective coaches, will establish a schedule for practices, conditioning and player events from the date of roster announcement until the team is eliminated from competition. Parents and players are expected to "buy in" to the All Star program 100% and support their player and other teammates in order to foster a more unified team support system.

Minimum Playing Time:  
All Star Tournaments operate under the Little League Tournament Rules. These rules are DIFFERENT from those used during the regular season. The objective of the All-Star Tournament is to field the best teams with the best players at any one time. This sometimes means that players (typically those that are not starters) on the roster may only get a minimum amount of playing time during tournament games. It is the sole discretion of the Manager to make these decisions, and may be very fluid as games unfold during tournament play. 

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