Did you know that the snack bar revenue is a significant component of our league's budget? That is why it is so important for parents to please support our snack bar! Since the snack bar is a major source of revenue, Arcadia Little League's Board of Directors encourages parents to buy tickets from the snack bar to hand out to the team on their assigned snack day. 

Usually, each child's parents are assigned two snack days per season for the team. If this is a burden for the parents to purchase tickets on both occasions, please encourage them to purchase the tickets at least once and then bring their own snacks the next time. Tickets are one dollar ($1.00) each and should be purchased for each team member (including Managers and Coaches) only. 

It is recommended that parents provide the same amount of tickets as there are team members regardless of whether any children are absent. Extra tickets can be given to the Manager to use at his discretion. 


Our programs operate under the rules and guidelines established by Arcadia Little League. Our goal is to provide a healthy environment for the youth of our community to learn and enjoy the great game of Baseball and Softball and to advance their Baseball and Softball skills while teaching them key values like honesty, integrity, and respect. This can be accomplished when our parents, coaches, and league officials work closely together to teach fundamental skills as well as leading by example, practicing good sportsmanship, and being respectful of the competition.


The team parent plays a critical role on the team - he or she allows the manager and coaches to focus on coaching the players. Although the exact role of the Team Parent varies from team to team, the following are suggested duties of a Team Parent. Each Team Parent will need to adjust the duties to fit the needs of each manager. The Team Parent allows the manager and coaches time to COACH! The Team Parent makes the manager's life easier with less paper work and worry so she/he can concentrate on her/his job as manager. Each manager will advise his Team Parent in these duties. An organized manager will defer most duties to the Team Parent.

* Distribute a team roster from the manager to all coaches, team members, and all moms & dads.

* Distribute the game schedule to all coaches, team members, and all moms and dads.

* Coordinate snack assignments and volunteers at the snack bar [see Snack Bar Information]. Snack bar tickets should include the manager and the assistant coaches, as well as the players. Tickets will be redeemed when a parent from the team assists at the snack bar following the game.

* Distribute any memos from the manager and coaches for practices, rain-outs, makeup's etc. This may include phone calls at any time per the manager's request.

* Collect money for end of year party, trophies, and manager and coaches thank-you card from the team. Gifts for managers and coaches are at the team's discretion.

* Coordinate Picture Day with the managers, coaches, and team members.

* Have names and numbers printed on the backs of the jerseys. Little League rules require that all Team Parent volunteers must be approved by the board of directors. Please have your prospective Team Parent(s) fill out a volunteer application, attach a copy of his/her driver's license, and submit the form and license copy to the division commissioner. 


If all parents were to read and follow these promises, then the games and the season will be more fun for everyone.
1. I shall not criticize the umpire unless ready to assume his duties.
2. I shall not complain about anyone unless I have labored more hours on Little League programs than they have.
3. I shall not be a grand stand manager.
4. I shall remember that only nine team members can play at any one time.
5. I shall set an example of sportsmanship for my child to follow.
6. I shall not be critical unless willing to put out the necessary effort to correct my criticism.
7. I shall remember that all managers, coaches, team moms, officers, directors and umpires are volunteer workers.
8. I shall remember that all officers and other personnel must earn a living and can not work on Little League full time.
9. I shall offer my services for work whenever possible.
10. I shall encourage my child to follow the Little League Pledge.

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