We've compiled some simple answers to the most often asked questions regarding registration, tryouts, practice schedules and of course regular season game play. We hope this will help make your experience with Arcadia Little League a positive one. And if your question isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to ask.

A player's registration must be complete with all information verified in order to participate in tryouts. What does "complete your registration" mean?
To complete your registration you must verify your child's geographic and age eligibility. To verify age eligibility you must present your child's birth certificate. Geographic eligibility may be verified through proof of residence or proof of school enrollment. Please consult the list of acceptable documents HERE. Verification can be accomplished during the online registration process by uploading your documents. 

Do we need to provide birth certificates and proof of address or school attendance to complete our registration?
Yes, all players must provide three proofs of residency showing current home address and child's birth certificate, by uploading online uploaded online. Once a birth certificate is uploaded online, it will be valid for your player's entire Arcadia Little League career. Proofs of residency must be re-submitted annually and must be in accordance with Little League International residency requirements. A complete list can be found HERE

Can a player be registered in a division above or below their eligible playing age?
No, a player must be registered in their proper playing division based on their eligible playing age. If a player wants to request to 'play up' or 'play down', this should be done by making the request in the 'special request' section located within the online registration form. All moves 'up or down' are done in our database after our registration process has been closed and during the process of team formation.

How do I determine if I live within ARLL boundaries?
A map showing the league boundaries can be found on the ARLL website.

If I don't live within ARLL boundaries, but my child goes to a school within the boundaries, then can I register with ARLL?
Yes. You will need to show proof of school enrollment at time of registration.

Can 8-year-olds "play up" in Minors?
In some cases an 8-year-old can play in the Minors Division. A parent or guardian must make this request at time of registration.

Can 9-year-olds "play down" to Farm AAA?
Yes. If a parent or guardian does not feel their 9-year-old child should play in the Minors Division, they may request to have their child eligible for the Farm AAA Division. A parent or guardian must make this request at time of registration.

Can 10-year-olds "play up" in Baseball Majors?
No. ARLL has determined that part of the Baseball Majors Division season will be played at the 50/70 Intermediate Division dimensions to better prepare majors players for the next level of baseball. Therefore, 10-year-olds are NOT allowed to play at the 50/70 field dimensions by Little League rules.

Can an 11-year-old or 12-year-old "play down" to Minors?
Yes. If a parent or guardian does not feel their 11 or 12-year-old child should play in the Majors Division, they may request to have their child be made eligible for the Minors Division. A parent or guardian must make this request at time of registration. Based on Little League rules, the parent or guardian must complete a waiver request form and request that the Board of Directors consider approving the waiver. If approved, the Board of Directors will forward to the District 6 Administrator for a final decision. The District Administrator has final authority for approval/denial without appeal.

Can 12-year-olds "play up" in Juniors?
No. 12-year-olds must play in the Majors Division.

Will all players have to attend tryouts at these two dates?
Boys age 8 and up and girls age 9 and up need to participate in tryouts. Each eligible player will only need to attend ONE of the two tryout dates. Tryouts are for player draft purposes only to ensure that teams are evenly balanced by level of skill. Lower division teams that don't have tryouts are assembled by each division Commissioner and do not need to tryout.

Can I request a specific manager?
Yes, ONLY in non-draft divisions. Request should be made on the registration form in the "Special Request" location. Every attempt will be made to accommodate requests, but no guarantees are provided. Divisions where there is a tryout and draft process will NOT be able to pre-select managers.

When will practice and season schedules be announced?
Once all teams have been assembled or drafted - a full practice and playing schedule will be set and coordinated through your Team Manager in early February. Practice times begin in early February for the upper divisions and soon thereafter for the lower divisions. Games begin either the end of February / beginning of March. The season runs through May.

Where are games and practices played?
ARLL plays games in one of three locations: Ingleside Middle School, ANLC and Camelback Christian Church. Practices are held in these same locations and at Hopi Elementary when needed.

Will the season schedules be announced on the website?
Yes, we will post a master game schedule for the season on the ARLL website team pages. All updates to the season schedule will be available on the website. Dates are subject to change due to school activity conflicts.

Does Arcadia LL offer refunds if a child decides not to participate because of injury or illness?
Yes, special exceptions are made for injury or illness and will be handled on a case by case basis, typically handled before the practice season starts. Our general refund policy is: Refunds prior to 1/31/2018 will be subject to a $35 cancellation fee. Draft level players: No refunds will be given after 1/31/2018. Non-draft players: Refunds are subject to a $50 cancellation fee after team placement.  

What expenses can we expect beyond the registration fees?
All players at all division levels are issued hats and jerseys through ARLL. Players are responsible for purchasing baseball pants, belts and socks to complete the uniform. All players should have their own batting helmet, bat and glove. Please CLICK HERE for a list of approved bats and new bat standard rules.

Does ARLL do background checks on all volunteers?
Yes. Each volunteer is required to fill out a background check form. Anyone having direct involvement with players will be required to complete a background check. ARLL reviews each background check.

Are players required to wear masks on batting helmets?
No. It is up to the parent or guardian to determine the use of face guard masks on batting helmets.

Are baseball players required to wear a "cup"?
Yes, all boys in baseball are required to wear a "cup" at practice and at games.

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